Production Log

This is a diary of everything that happened during the production of our film trailer; the meetings, the decisions and whatever happened next!

I will post comments below to update my diary, so there is a record of the date I posted the comment, instead of entering date information myself!

55 Responses to “Production Log”

  1. Today, I set up my blog!

  2. Today, we chose who we would all be in a group with for our coursework this year.
    I am in a group with:
    Holly Unwin
    Laurence Shelsher
    Hayley Foster

  3. In our group, we decided that we would create a film trailer for our coursework. We set about creating a survey to determine a genre for our film/film trailer, and began doing our separate non-genre specific deconstructions of films and their film trailers. We chose that the target audience for our film would be 15 – 24 year olds, although we wanted our film to be appropriate and interesting to an older audience as well.

  4. This weekend, we all uploaded a link to our genre survey on our blogs and on our Facebook pages to get a range of responses from a wide age range. We decided we would leave it up for about a week to get a good number of responses.

  5. Whilst our survey is still live, we will be carrying on with our non-genre specific deconstructions of films and trailers.

  6. We waited for our survey to get over 100 responses, and today we checked through them all and deleted any inappropriate or ‘joke’ responses from younger respondents! The most popular genre was socio-realism, and second most popular was drama. We decided that we would make our film a hybrid genre – socio-realism/drama. So from today we will be doing our genre specific deconstructions of films and trailers. We need to deconstruct films as well as trailers in order to produce a realistic plot for our own film.

  7. We began working today on a content survey for our film to see what our target audience would like to see in a socio-realism/drama film.

  8. Today, we all uploaded a link to our content survey on our blogs and our Facebook pages. As like last time when our genre survey was live, we will be carrying on with our genre specific deconstructions of films and trailers whilst our content survey is live.

  9. Today, we looked at our content survey and again deleted any inappropriate responses. From the responses we got in this survey, we can start working on a plot for our film.

  10. Today we began working on a plot for our film. We decided that the film would be about a young man who turned to drugs and alcohol after the sudden death of his girlfriend by a drunk driver, and how he would turn his life around.

  11. Today, I decided to draft a list of possible production company names for our film for us to choose from, baring in mind it needed to be appropriate for the genre of our film. These were:
    – Black and Yellow Productions
    – Black and Gold Productions
    – Iris Productions
    – Blaque Productions
    – Ivory Productions
    – Revolutionary Productions
    – Evolutionary Productions
    – Silver Heart Productions
    – Sliver Link Productions
    – Link Productions
    – Black Bishop Productions
    – Butterfly Productions
    – Reflections Productions
    – Opaque Productions
    – Silver Strand Productions
    – Gold Strand Productions
    – Lighthouse Productions
    – River Stream Productions
    – Red Eye Productions
    – Red River Productions
    – Burning Book Productions
    – Clockwork Productions
    – Timeless Productions

  12. As a group we decided that we would use ‘Clockwork Productions’ as our production company name. We also carried on developing our plot. We decided that the film trailer would begin with the young couple laughing and joking with each other. As the young boy, Adam, chases his girlfriend, Sophie, down the street, she runs away from him into the road laughing, but is then tragically hit by a car and dies instantly. The rest of the trailer shows his deterioration into drugs and alcohol. Another girl comes across him in an alleyway and helps him turn his life around.

  13. Today, we carried on working on our plot and film trailer.

  14. When discussing our plot again today, none of us were completely happy with the idea and decided to scrap the idea and come up with a whole new plot for our film. We decided we would go away and each try and think of a few new ideas and meet again to discuss which idea we should develop.

  15. We all decided on a new plot for our film today; it will be about a young mum trying to escape an abusive boyfriend. When we discussed our new idea with our teacher, he said we all seemed a lot happier and a lot more confident about our film 🙂

  16. We have developed our film plot over the past few days and will be meeting on Monday to to the first draft of the storyboard for our film trailer.

  17. Today, we all met at my house to work on the first draft of our storyboard for our film trailer.

  18. We all met again today to complete the first draft of our storyboard for our film trailer.

  19. Today, we showed our teacher the first draft of our storyboard for our film trailer. We were already aware that it needed more detail and also we needed to include titles etc.

  20. Today, we began working on a second draft of our storyboard. We used our deconstructions of film trailers to decide where we would put our film titles, production company name etc. Although we have yet to decide on a title for our film.

  21. We completed the second draft of our storyboard today with a lot more detail and titles.

  22. Today, we showed our teacher our developments of the storyboard, and were made aware that we forgot to include an intertextual moment in our film trailer!! So we will all be going away to think of an intertextual moment we can add to our trailer.

  23. Throughout the course of developing our storyboard/film trailer, we have been thinking of people we could use as actors in our film. Fortunately, Laurence’s cousin is a professional actor and would be perfect for the male antagonist, but we have yet to find a female actress for the lead.

  24. Today, we scanned the 2 drafts of the storyboard onto the computer so we could upload them to our blogs.

  25. We still haven’t thought of an intertextual moment for our film trailer, we have been looking at other drama and socio-realism films to see if there is anything we can include, such as Kidulthood/Adulthood. We have also looked at the film Enough, which has a similar plot to our own film. Another option we have is to include the iconic moment in ‘Ghost’ where Patrick Swayze hugs Demi Moore from behind. Decisions, decisions…..

  26. We are hoping to film before Christmas… But trying to find a female actress that is comfortable with the scenes in our trailer is proving difficult! The young child isn’t a problem as Holly, one of the group members, has a young nephew that would be perfect for the part!

  27. Today we thought of a few more possible intertextual references we could use in our film. After watching ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin”, a film starring 50 Cent, we saw three moments in the film that we could include in our own. These are:
    – When Marcus (50 Cent) walks through a group of 3 men and they move out of the way for him
    – When Marcus returns home with blood on his trainers to which his girlfriend says “Maybe this life just isn’t for me”
    – When Charlene, Marcus’ girlfriend, sings his song to him; “If I was your best friend, I’d want you round all the time…” and they begin passionately kissing.

    I think any of these three references could be good in our film as our target audience will be familiar with the film ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin”, whereas they would be less familiar with the reference from ‘Ghost’ that we were thinking of using previously. I also think that the third refernce listed above may be the strongest as the song Charlene sings to Marcus is actually a real song by 50 Cent, which our target audience would also be familiar with.
    We will survey our audience to see which reference they are more familiar with, and see which is the most popular, and then decide which one we will use in our own film.

  28. Over the next few days, we will be taking pictures of possible filming locations for our trailer. These will be uploaded onto my blog.

  29. The results from the content survey showed that the intertextual reference from ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin” showing the male character returning home with blood on his shoes was the most popular. So we have decided to stick with what the audience wants and have created an updated version of the storyboard to include this intertextual reference! This is version 3 of the storyboard which I have uploaded to my blog.

  30. Unfortunately, due to his new job circumstances, we are now unable to use the male actor I previously mentioned. So it’s back to the drawing board to find both a male actor and female actress…

  31. We have managed to find a couple that are willing to be in the film – my boyfriend and I! We all feel that this might give our film trailer more of an edge as the we will have real chemistry with one another, and there won’t be any awkwardness between us. The fact that we are in a relationship means that we will be more comfortable with one another when starring in a film about such a sensitive subject – especially during the rape scene.

  32. As previously mentioned, we will be using Holly’s nephew as the child in the film. We will be filming some of the scenes at his house as there will be a lot of baby paraphernalia already in the home, also, Jack (the little boy) will be more comfortable in a familiar surrounding – and hopefully won’t cry!! The only problem with this is that we have to wait for a time that Jack and his parents are available and willing to have us filming in their home.

  33. I have been deconstructing several film magazine front covers and film posters in order to identify any conventions of a real media article. This will aid me in producing both a film magazine front cover, and a film poster which look like real media productions.

  34. We have arranged to film next week as Jack and his home will be available for filming on Wednesday. We will film the scenes he is not in before this date.

  35. Today, we began filming. We started by filming the scenes which do not include the young child, as he wasn’t available to act today. A lot of the living room scenes were completed.

  36. We continued filming today, although, after watching back some of the scenes we filmed yesterday, we decided it would be best to re-shoot some of them as they were of poor quality – the main problem seemed to be lighting; there were times that it was difficult to see the actors’ faces.

  37. The young child that we had arranged to star in the film was free to film today, so we filmed all of the scenes which he was included in. We only have the rape scene and the intertextual reference left to film which we should be able to complete tomorrow.

  38. Unfortunately, filming was postponed as our locations were occupied!! We filmed the rape scene today. Tomorrow we will film the intertextual reference. We will also re-film the female character chopping vegetables, as we realised that you could see a lot of the kitchen in the background, which doesn’t coincide with the mise-en-scene that we were trying to portray to represent a young, working class family without a lot of disposable income.

  39. Today we filmed the intertextual reference from ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin”, although we still need to re-film the female character chopping vegetables.

  40. This afternoon, we finally re-filmed the female character chopping vegetables, which means…. We have finished capturing footage for our film trailer!!! 😀

  41. We began editing the film trailer today, and hope to have it ready for a rough-cut screening by Friday this week. This also means that we need to prepare an audience survey in order to get feedback on our trailer. We will need to ask things such as:
    – Do you understand the trailer; does it make sense?
    – What did/didn’t you like about the trailer?
    – Was it well continuity edited?
    And so forth. When we have collected these responses we can make the appropriate amendments to our film trailer. This task is carried out when creating real media products, in order to create a better media product for the target audience.

  42. Nearly have the film ready for rough-cut screenings!
    Also working on the audience survey!
    I’ve also been working on creating a logo for our production company; ‘Clockwork Productions’

  43. Today we did a rough-cut screening of our film to our Media class. There were a lot of positive comments made and the overall feedback was good. However, not one person recognised our intertextual reference, which is rather worrying, so we have decided to come up with a new one to include in our film trailer.

  44. I suggested an idea for a new intertextual reference to the group today – to recreate the iconic scene in ‘Titanic’ where ‘Rose’ and ‘Jack’ stand at the bow of the ship with their arms out, as though they’re flying. We thought it would be a good idea as many, many people have seen ‘Titanic’, so should be familiar with the scene. Also, we think that a lot of people will recognise the iconic scene, even if they haven’t seen ‘Titanic’. So, fingers crossed, the next rough-cut screening will be better!

  45. I have finished the first draft of my magazine front cover and am very pleased with the outcome so far. I shall show it to my teacher on Monday for feedback. In the meantime, I shall continue with my film poster.

  46. We have updated the storyboard to include the ‘Titanic’ reference, this is version 4 of the storyboard, which I have uploaded onto my blog.

  47. Today, we filmed the intertextual reference from ‘Titanic’ to include in our film trailer. Obviously it is a modern version, and we don’t have a ship at our disposal! So, we decided to film the scene on a bridge – hopefully the audience will still recognise the reference.

  48. I showed my magazine front cover to my Media Studies teacher today for feedback, he suggested a few minor changes which I have taken on board and can now begin to change some details of the cover.

  49. We screened another rough-cut today which included the Titanic intertextuality. When I added this scene in, I deleted the previous intertextual reference as there wasn’t much point of it being in the trailer as its primary use was as a reference, but since no-one recognised it, it was useless! Also, if i had kept this scene in the trailer, it would have made the total runtime too long for a teaser trailer.
    But back to the screening; surveys showed that only a small percentage of the people we screened to, didn’t recognise the reference – everyone else did!! So very pleased with it!!

  50. We have decided that Ludovico Einaudi’s ‘Fuori Dal Mundo’ would be a good backing track for our film trailer, and would also provide a second intertextual reference, as it is used in the closing scenes of ‘This Is England’. As the this piece of music has been used in this social realism film, we feel that it would be great as our film has the same kind of target audience, so hopefully they will be familiar with the music.
    I emailed three people on behalf of our group, in order to ask for permission to use the music in our trailer as it is under copyright. I went to Ludovico Einaudi’s website; and contacted two people via email addresses that were on this site.
    I also found a website dedicated to the agents of Shane Meadows, who directed ‘This Is England’. This provided me with an email address for Jodi Shields – his agent, and I also emailed her for information regarding Ludovico’s music.
    Hopefully, I’ll have a reply soon!!

  51. I had a reply today from Jodi Shield’s assistant, Matt Dennison. His email was as follows:

    Dear Georgia,

    Whilst we do represent the director Shane Meadows, we do not represent the composer Ludovico Einaudi or the rights to his music. You should contact Ludovico’s agent at Bremme & Hohensee directly for further information.

    Best wishes,


    Matt Denison
    Assistant to Jodi Shields

    I visited the website for Bremme and Hohensee; and contacted two further email addresses I found on their website.

    P.S. Our group and our teacher were excited to hear back from someone so soon that is so close to Shane Meadows 🙂

  52. Whilst we await responses, we will use the music by Ludovico Einaudi in our piece but also find some back up music in case we do get a reply denying us permission to use it.

  53. I have added the music to our film trailer and am extremely happy with the final piece!! I also made a few finishing touches so that everything is good as it can be. Tomorrow, we will do a final-cut screening to our audience for some more audience feedback.

  54. We screened our final film trailer today, and were very impressed with the feedback we received, especially from our teacher who seemed very proud of us 🙂

    I have also now finished both my film poster and magazine front cover, after producing a number of versions/drafts of each until I was happy they were as good as can be! These have both been uploaded to my blog, along with the poster and magazine deconstructions I completed earlier, to aid me producing my own.

    Plus, I have finished the first draft of my evaluation!

  55. I have now completed my evaluation for my A2 coursework production, this has been uploaded to my blog in script format, as though it were an interview.

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