We began by setting up a survey to decide what genre of film our target audience preferred. We emailed the link to this survey around our school and also uploaded it to our Facebook profiles in order to receive a responses from a good range of ages and genders; a sample that would be representative of our target audience. I also put the link onto my blog so any ‘traffic’ could be redirected to the survey via my blog. To see the genre survey, click here.

We gave examples of films that were in each genre we gave as an option, so that people would be clear on what the genre represented. We waited until we had over 100 responses, although some entries were deleted due to the respondent either not answering all of the questions, or giving an inappropriate or not serious answers. The results showed that the most popular genre for our target audience was socio-realism:

We decided that we would make our film a hybrid genre; socio-realism/drama – the 1st and 2nd most popular genres in the survey results.

Once we had chosen our film genre, we set up another survey to decide what our target audience expect/like to see in drama films. To see our content survey, click here. This survey was also sent to pupils in the school, posted on Facebook and uploaded to our blogs.

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