Film Plot Ideas

After deconstructing a number of films and their trailers, and conducting research using surveys, we began to create a basic plot for our film. This first plot idea is shown below:

First Plot Idea

Main Characters:

Sophie: – 17/18 year old girl, still in sixth form, a happy girl with lots of friends, a loving boyfriend, very out going and always smiling.

Adam: – 19/20 year old male, has a good job for his age but did not finish his education, happy with his girlfriend (Sophie), still lives at home with his parents, spends his time either working or with Sophie.

The couple are a young couple but have grown up together and been in a relationship for nearly 2 years now, they are happy and enjoy spending a lot of time together. They live in the same little town, close to each other and spend a lot of time at each other’s houses.

They were so happy and in love, until disaster struck. One summer’s day Adam went to meet Sophie from sixth form as he had had the day off work, she had skipped out of the school gates up to Adam.  As they are walking home laughing and joking around, Adam chases Sophie in an attempt to tickle her when she falls off the pavement into the road in front of a car. The driver is a middle aged man who was drunk at the time and was speeding down the residential road. Sophie dies then and there.

Adam, so in love with Sophie doesn’t know how to continue with his life and his lifestyle starts to deteriorate, he goes into mourning, stops going to work, starts arguing with his family all the time and is angry at the world. Adam starts to drink heavily and started smoking a lot of drugs, going out and starting fights. His friends get fed up with his attitude after a few weeks because he is not making any effort to get on with his life so he loses all his friends and starts hanging around with the wrong crowd and gets into harder drugs even heroin. His family are also getting annoyed with him and worry about him especially when he gets arrested because he is found down an alley way passed out with a needle next to him.

After this ordeal Adam realises that he needs to sort himself out and goes to the doctors to seek some help, he gets help to come off the drugs but is still drinking heavily for the time being. He gets help from his family as they are worried about him. Eventually he is off the drugs and is on the road to being alcohol free too, but still does not have a job and has still not got over Sophie’s death. The film trailer ends on him on the road to recovery but still a mess and confused by the death of the love of his life.

After spending a number of lessons and time to developing this idea, we all came to the conclusion that we weren’t actually happy with the plot at all, for a number of reasons:

  1. We didn’t believe that we would be able to make the car accident look realistic, and it may have been too dangerous to even try
  2. We weren’t sure that our target audience would find the film very interesting
  3. We were struggling to find ‘a point’ for the film

For these reasons and some more, we decided that we would scrap the whole idea, and create a whole new plot for our film.

We chose to all come up with some ideas for a new plot and then pick which one we all liked the best to develop.

A few of the ideas we had to fit in with our Drama/Socio-Realism genre were:

  • A young mum trying to escape and abusive, controlling boyfriend
  • A young girl was forced to give up her baby for adoption by her mother, and years later she fights to have her back
  • A young girl’s baby is abducted, she searches profusely to get her baby back (reference to Changeling)

Of the above three, we decided to develop the first plot idea of a young mum trying to escape an abusive boyfriend.

The basic plot for this film idea is shown below:

Film Plot

17 year old Emma met 21 year old Aaron whilst she was pregnant and despite this, they began a relationship with one another, Aaron fully accepting her pregnant state and the baby that was to come. Emma postponed plans to go to university and shortly after she gave birth to Aston, she moved in with Aaron in a small house. They’re relationship has lasted nearly 2 years but has started to deteriorate.

At the beginning of the relationship, Aaron seemed like the perfect gentleman, he was hard-working and a good father to Aston; Emma’s baby.  However, this bliss didn’t last for long. The pair began to argue constantly, upsetting all three of them. Life became worse for Emma when Aaron began hitting her, at first he showed great remorse for his actions but as time went on, the abuse became more frequent and the remorse was non-existent. Emma was scared for both Aston’s and her own welfare and well-being. When Aaron lost his job, he began drug dealing – making life ever more hellish for Emma and Aston.

One evening Emma and Aaron had an argument, which resulted in Emma getting badly hurt. With bruises and broken bones, Emma attempted to pack her belongings and leave with Aston whilst she had the chance; Aaron had stormed out of the house in a rage after beating Emma. Despite her best efforts, Emma wasn’t quick enough and Aaron returned before she got the chance to leave, and Aaron beat her again, to ‘teach her a lesson’ – ‘No-one could walk out on him. Especially after all he’s done for her’.

Aaron prevented Emma from going out, seeing friends, and he refused to let her have contact with her family. Nearly every time Aaron left the house, he would lock Emma in to stop her from leaving.

One evening, when Emma is preparing dinner for the three, she contemplated attacking Aaron with the knife she is using to chop vegetables. As she stares intently at Aaron whilst he is feeding Aston across the room, the love she sees in Aston’s little eyes for Aaron stops her from getting her vengeance, and she puts the knife down, takes a deep breath and strains a smile when Aaron turns to look at her.

After yet another row, Aaron leaves the house. After some hesitation, Emma calls a friend to ask for help to escape. She runs around the house packing as much as she can carry. In a panic she grabs Aston and heads for the door where her friend is waiting in the street in a car. As she chucks everything and hurriedly straps Aston in his seat, she sees Aaron running up the street towards the car, she jumps in and locks the door and they begin to drive. As she looks out the back window, she sees Aaron still running after the car very angry. But it’s too late, she’s free.

The trailer for this film will be a fractured narrative, showing ‘flashbacks’ of the happier times the couple shared together, interrupting the abuse and violence that Emma deals with daily.

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