Actors, Locations, Costumes and Props

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Actors – Costumes – Props

Costume List


Location shots:

Location 1

Living Room/Dining Room 1 - We felt this room was a little too old fashioned for our characters

Living Room/Dining Room 1

Staircase 1 - This staircase would be been hard to film as there is nowhere to put the camera/tripod at the bottom of the stairs

Bedroom 1 - This bedroom could have been good for our trailer as it is quite simplistic, although we did not film here

Bedroom 1

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 1

Staircase 1

Kitchen 1 - This kitchen is too upmarket for our characters

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 1

Location 2

Kitchen 2 - We felt that this kitchen would be a good location as it is home to children and therefore already has a lot of baby paraphernalia i.e. the paintings

Kitchen 2

Kitchen 2

Living Room 2 - We didn't use this living room as we felt that it had a lot of furniture that our characters wouldn't be able to afford, and that we would have trouble removing from the frame when filming.

Location 3

Living Room 3 - Although this living room is also too 'upmarket' for our characters, we felt confident we could rearrange the furniture to ensure that inappropriate objects would be absent from the frame when filming. This is the living room that we used in our trailer.

Living Room 3

Living Room 3

Toilet - We feel this toilet would be better than one of the bathrooms in our trailer as it can be simplistic after some rearranging i.e. during filming we removed the picture and the shoes out of the frame

Staircase 2 - This staircase is perfect for filming as there is room at the bottom for the camera and also a lot of light coming from the window at the top which would create a good effect when filming

Kitchen 3 - Too upmarket for our characters!

Kitchen 3 - Again too upmarket, however we feel we can frame the shot nicely to exclude inappropriate furniture

Kitchen 3

Bathroom 2 - Too upmarket!

Bedroom 2 - This bedroom is as simple as bedroom 1 however, we are confident we can frame the shot nicely and the wardrobe will be good for when our character needs to pack

Location 4

Pathway 1

Pathway 2

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